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Subaru XV Compact Crossover quicke overview

The second generation of Subaru XV which had its teaser launched recently is the continuation of the Impreza-based series. It is still based on the Subaru Global Platform but comes with certain innovations here and there. The body of the vehicle has been redesigned for a more SUV-oriented appearance. The new version is easier to handle and offers a greater level of comfort.

The 2.0-litre boxer engine has been retained with slight improvements. Subaru XV next generation comes with direct fuel injection and upgrades which enhance power by 5kW to 115kW. Torque output, however, remains unchanged. Continuously variable transmission (CVT) and all-wheel drive (AWD) system have also not been tampered with much.

The newer version is also taller than its predecessor with black cladding around its lower body and wheel arches. It has huge 18-inch alloy wheels as well as roof rails that make it stand out. The wheelbase has been enhanced by 35mm to 2670mm, and the car is also 20mm wider which means the width now stands at 1800mm. The boot space is said to be significantly improved which previously stood at 380 litres.

Moreover, the ability to absorb crash has gone up by an impressive 40%. This was possible due to the use of higher-strength steel. 5mm has reduced the height of the seats to allow better handling. For the same purpose, the sway bars are now fitted closer to the body, which helps reduce body roll by almost 50%.

Subaru XV next generation still holds the off-road ability and has a ground clearance of 220m. Changes have been made to the interiors, which aligns Subaru more with the Impreza model. The second version also comes with much greater levels of safety. Overall, it is expected to exceed the popularity that the first generation enjoyed.

Subaru XV Compact Crossover quicke overview
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Subaru XV Compact Crossover quicke overview
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