Mitsubishi to introduce five new SUVs in the next five years

SUV’s seem to be taking the world of cars by storm so today’s announcement doesn’t really come as a surprise. Mitsubishi has announced that it is planning to launch five new SUV’s within the next five years.

Although the brand has produced a number of SUV’s in the past, it isn’t a niche that it specialises in. If the reports are true, Mitsubishi will introduce a variety of new models including small, medium as well as large SUV’s.

If successful at attacking the niche, the brand’s line-up will completely transform. This new announcement could be the beginning of a new era for Mitsubishi so it’s definitely something worth keeping an eye on if you’re passionate about car or simply a fan of the brand.

How will the announcement affect the SUV sector is a different story. At the moment brands like Land Rover are experts in the field of off-road vehicles. If Mitsubishi produced a fleet of new SUV’s it could find itself sitting just below Land Rover.

With SUV’s constantly growing in popularity, there’s no doubt that the brand’s new vehicles will do well once they go on sale. They’re in high demand at the moment, however whether that’s going to change in the next couple of years or not remains to be seen.

This new approach could either pay off, with the brand securing a niche it could focus on entirely in the future, or it could fail and lose a lot of money attempting to do something that could be difficult.

As mentioned above, SUV’s are very popular at the moment and many different manufacturers are currently attacking the sector so the competition will definitely be something Mitsubishi will have to overcome if it wants to do well in its new sector.

Only time will tell what the brand has in store for us in the future, so watch this space as we’ll be bringing you all the latest updates regarding Mitsubishi and its recent announcement.