London traffic congestion

London named the worst European city for traffic congestion

In today’s society traffic is impossible to avoid. With more people than ever before owning a car, roads are extremely busy, especially during rush hour. Big cities in particular are renowned for ridiculous traffic.

A recent study, conducted earlier this year, revealed that London is the worst European city for traffic congestion.

According to the study, on average drivers in London spend a staggering 101 hours a year stuck in traffic. Compared to the UK average of around 30 hours, this figure shows just how big of a problem the issue is.

People often complain about the long hours they have to spend in traffic so it’s no surprise a British city has been named the worst.

For years, the government and local councils have tried to minimise traffic and improve the quality of our roads, however so far they have been unsuccessful for the most part.

Whether this new development will make the government take a closer look at the issue remains to be seen, however it’s quite interesting to see that London beat the rest of Europe to earn the top spot on the list.

Although London has been named the most congested city in Europe, the UK as a whole didn’t do as badly as some of the other countries. It currently holds the 6th spot with Belgium topping the list.

As for the rest of the UK, Manchester has been named the second most congested city in the country with the average person spending a reported 51 hours in traffic every year.

Those of us who are forced to suffer the daily commute to work, know how annoying traffic can be.

It’s interesting to see which of our cities are facing the worst congestion, however it’s also frustrating that no much is currently being done to improve the quality of our roads.