Italdesign Giugiaro to unveil new concept at Geneva next month

When we think about cars, we don’t usually give much thought to the people behind them. In fact we don’t really think about all the effort it takes to produce and build a vehicle. Numerous people are usually involved however we often take cars for granted.

It has just been announced that Italdesign Giugiaro is scheduled to showcase its new concept car at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show next month. Not much is known about the vehicle at the moment, however the brand has released a sneak peek in the form of an image, recently.

Although Italdesign Giugiaro specialises in desing and not manufacturing, we couldn’t be more excited to so what the brand will bring to Geneva.

Founded in 1968, the brand has worked on some m fantastic vehicles over the years including numerous models of BMW and Lotus to name two

No details about the new concept car have yet been revealed however we know that it’s going to appear at Geneva next month.

Looking at the cars the brand has worked on in the past, we think it’s safe to say the new concept is going to be fantastic.

With a portfolio so varied and unique, the Italdesign Giugiaro definitely knows what it’s doing so we’ll just have to be patient.

The 2016 Geneva Motor Show is taking place next month so if you’d like to keep up to date with all the latest news from Italdesign and the car industry, be sure to check out our blog as it’s updated regualary.