Zotye vs Porsche: Chinese brand accused of copying the Porsche Macan

China is renowned for its copycat products. It’s been at it for years and, with no signs of slowing down, it will likely continue to produce cheap replicas of popular products for years to come.
Today, pictures of the new Zotye SR8, scheduled to appear at the Beijing Motor Show later this month, emerged online and the brand is being accused of ripping off the Porsche Macan.
The vehicle is nearly identical to the German SUV and, although Zotye has been criticised and advised against releasing the car, it is going ahead with its Beijing debut.
One glimpse at pictures of the SR8 is all it takes to notice all the similarities between the two cars. Its exterior is basically a replica of the Macan and surprisingly, even the interior closely matches that of the Macan.
It’s not clear whether the brand purposely copied Porsche, however there are too many similarities between the two for it to be a coincidence.
Unfortunately, Chinese laws offer no protection for manufacturers. There is nothing Porsche can do to stop the vehicle from going on sale, which must be extremely frustrating for the brand.
A lot of work goes into designing a vehicle from scratch, manufacturing it and building a whole image around it. It’s not fair that brands like Zotye are taking credit for something they simply copied.
Chinese copycats are renowned for their low quality finish, terrible handling and faulty mechanics. On top of that, they tend to offer very little safety-wise.
Whether Porsche will decide to peruse the matter further remains to be seen, however there isn’t much it can actually do so unless it comes up with something, it will most likely have to ignore the brand and let it go.
How do you feel about the SR8? Do you think Zotye purposely copied Porsche? Let us know what you think.