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Skoda Vision S concept to debut at Geneva show

It has just been revealed that Skoda will debut its latest concept car at this year’s on Geneva Motor Show. Skoda Vision S is a concept SUV that many are speculating will eventually go into production. The vehicle features three rows of seat bringing the number of available spaces to six. More on

Skoda is currently working on renewing its current modern range and upgrading its vehicles, which could mark a start of a new era for the brand. According to reports, the brand will focus on its SUV’s next, which is why the new concept is likely to go into production. If Skoda Vision S itself doesn’t go into production, parts of it might end up being featured on the brands next SUV.

With the likes of Lamborghini and MG Motors brining out new SUV’s in the near future, Skoda will have a lot of competition.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the brand has in store for us and we can’t wait to see the new SUV in all its glory.

The 2016 Geneva Motor Show is almost upon us. All the biggest car manufacturers gather each year to showcase their latest production vehicles, concept cars as well as the latest technologies. It’s an exciting time for both car enthusiasts and manufacturers, which is why the Geneva Motor Show remains one of the biggest motor shows on the planet.

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