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Jaguar Land Rover to test autonomous tech in UK

Jaguar Land Rover has just announced its plans to begin testing autonomous vehicles on UK roads later this year.

Autonomous cars are currently a very hot topic. It seems that almost every day there is a new headline about self-driving cars, which is both exciting and quite overwhelming at the same time. It’s an interesting topic that fuels debates around the world, but we’re still some time away from being able to experience autonomous tech in flesh.

Jaguar Land Rover, is the latest of many manufacturers to express interest in self-driving cars. The brand released a statement earlier this week, revealing its plans to start testing its technology in the UK later this year.

Although, numerous carmakers are already in the testing stages, it’s quite clear that more needs to be done to ensure safety, once such vehicles go on sale.

The recent Tesla crash, which involved a man dying whilst the car was in “autopilot” mode, brought the conversation back to the very beginning? Just how safe are autonomous cars?

It’s a question that on everyone’s mind but there is no simple answer. Although, it’s believed that the victim of the fatal crash was at fault, when it came to the accident, people aren’t totally convinced that autonomous technologies are safe. Manufactures seem to believe so, but the technology is still quite new, so we can’t know for sure.

More testing is definitely the way to go, so it’s great to see that the likes of Jaguar Land Rover agree. According to the reports, early tests will be conducted later this year, on the roads of Coventry and Solihull.

Although, it’s great to see that more tests are being done on autonomous tech, it’s too early to get excited, as there’s still so much that needs to be done in preparation for the introduction of self-driving cars to the public. Numerous issues are still unresolved, such as the problems with insuring driverless cars.

The next couple of years will be very interesting, when it comes to autonomous vehicles, so watch this space as we’ll keep you up to date on all the latest.

What do you think about driverless cars? Are you a fan or do you prefer more traditional vehicles? Let us know your thoughts down below and don’t forget to come back soon for more informative articles form the automotive world.

Jaguar Land Rover to test autonomous tech in UK
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Jaguar Land Rover to test autonomous tech in UK
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