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Honda reveals new breathalyser prototype

The Japanese brand, Honda, has just revealed its prototype breathalyser. Developed in collaboration with electronics giant Hitachi, the new breathalyser is Honda’s attempt to improve road safety and minimise the number of accidents involving drink-driving.

It’s no secret that drink-driving is a serious issue that has plagued our roads since car’s first begun to emerge. Although there are laws in place to protect the public from such incidents, drink-driving is still very much present in today’s society.

Although it is unclear when the breathalyser will become available, we were given a tiny glimpse at some of the intriguing features that it will include.

What makes the breathalyser unique is the fact that you don’t have to be inside the vehicle to use it. Its portable nature allows you to check your alcohol level from anywhere in the world, meaning you can do so before even entering the car. Read more at:

On top of that, the alcohol level will be shown on a display inside the vehicle and a new technology will prevent the driver from using the car under the influence.

Whilst this isn’t necessarily a new thing, Honda is planning to tackle the issue head on.

Just before Christmas, the brand announced plans to give away free breathalysers at its dealerships to address the issue of drink-driving during the festive season.

Road safety has always been a serious problem. Although manufacturers as well as the government have tried to address it accordingly, there’s simply nothing they can do to completely eliminate the issue. As long as cars are around, there will be people who don’t really care about the safety of those around them.

We’re excited the finish product and we’re very much looking forward to seeing what else the brand has in store for us.

Are you looking forward to the new Honda breathalyser? Will you purchase one when it goes on sale? Let us know and come back soon for more articles about automotive news.