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The future of hands-free driving

The future of driving is slowly approaching. Many things that were once considered impossible are now becoming reality.

If you’ve been following the news then you are probably already familiar with driverless cars. The rather recent craze is taking over the motor industry, with many companies creating their own autonomous vehicles.

Experts believe that in the next couple of years, driverless cars will become more widely accepted by the public and by 2050 it is believed that autonomous vehicles will be the norm in the industry.

Although we already know the basics of how driverless cars will work, let’s take a deeper look and speculate about what we can expect.

Many are wondering what would happen if your car did all the work for you. Imagine driving to work without having to put any effort in. Wouldn’t that be boring? Well, yes but don’t worry as this is already being looked into by Volvo.

The company’s recently unveiled concept 26 attempts to solve this issue by turning your vehicle into a lounge. The concept, which was first introduced during this year’s LA Motor Show, takes things one step further and looks at autonomous vehicles from another perspective.

Concept 26 features a brand new seat design as well as an all new dashboard designed to entertain the passenger whilst the vehicle drives them to their desired location.

This would revolutionise the way we travel allowing us to relax or work whist we move around.

If autonomous vehicles become the norm, it won’t be long before we start seeing the technology used on other forms of transport.

Autonomous buses or taxis could make things easier and safer for us all.

Imagine a driverless taxi. You just tell it where you want to go and it takes you there.

The possibilities are endless.

Whether you are looking forward to the new era of hands-free driving or not, there is no denying that things are slowly changing and the future is almost here.