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Googles self-driving car to be built by Ford

People have been speculating about Google’s self-driving car for years. Rumours have been going around since 2013 about the company planning to develop its own vehicle however it wasn’t until last year that Google’s first autonomous prototype was unveiled.

New rumours have just emerged about Ford being involved in Googles self-driving car. Reportedly, the manufacturer is set to build the first Google car under contract. Apparently the two parties have made a deal and have been working on the vehicle for quite some time.

Google refused to comment on the rumours however it has been revealed previously that the company was looking for manufacturers to partner with.

People are speculating that an official announcement could be made at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. A lot of great vehicles are scheduled to appear at the show such as the new BMW i8 Spyder concept and Faraday Future’s new all-electric car. The event is focused on technology therefore we wouldn’t be surprised if Google made an announcement about the deal during the show.

If the rumours are true, and the two parties are in fact working together then we can definitely expect something great. Both Google and Ford could benefit from the deal so it will be interesting to see if there is any truth to the rumour.

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