Ford Mustang to join UK police forces

Rumour has it that a fleet of Ford Mustang V8’s are currently being assessed to join the UK police forces.

Police cars have been a subject of public debate for decades. There are numerous models from different carmakers currently in circulation, but what vehicles should the police be driving?

According to recent reports, the Ford Mustang V8 is being considered to join the fleet of UK police cars. Although, popular in the US, the car never quite made it out here.

For the first time since it was introduced decades ago, the Mustang is finally available in the UK, so it’s no surprise it’s being considered.

In the US, Mustangs have been used as police cars for decades, so there’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that they are capable of performing well and getting the job done.

Ford has long provided the police force with vehicles, so there’s already an established relationship between the two, meaning this new venture could very well end up becoming reality.

The brand has already confirmed that it is working with the police force, and that a black Mustang GT is currently being assessed.

The introduction of the Mustang, would add a little variety to the existing fleet of police cars.

What we all need to remember, is the fact that when it comes to police cars, looks are not a priority. Any car considered to be added to fleet, needs to possess certain features, crucial when it comes to police work.

It definitely needs to be reliable, because you don’t want the car breaking down in the middle of a high-speed chase. Also, it needs to offer great fuel economy, as taxpayers wouldn’t be too pleased knowing that their money was being wasted on a vehicle incapable of getting the job done right.

It’s too early to tell whether the Mustang really will be added to the existing fleet; however, it’s always interesting to see which cars are being considered.

We’re expecting more news to emerge in the coming months, as more tests are performed and the assessment is complete.

What do you think about the announcement? Would you like to see new Mustang police cars on our roads? Let us know and come back soon for more intriguing articles from the fascinating world of vehilces.