China’s first mind-controlled car unveiled

It might sound like something straight out of a science fiction film however brain powered vehicles are soon to becoming a reality. Just imagine how surreal it would feel, navigating your vehicle with your mind. China has just unveiled its first ever brain powered car.
A research team from Nankai University is responsible for the unique creation. Two years of hard work went into the project and now it’s finally complete.
The vehicle allows the driver to make the car go forward, backwards and come to a stop. By wearing brain-signal reading equipment the drivers allows the vehicle to capture electroencephalogram signals and translate them enabling control of the vehicle.
This new technology could revolutionise the way we navigate cars and there are already talks about the possibility of incorporating it within driverless cars, which are currently rather popular with manufacturers.
Although the idea of mind-controlled vehicles was praised by many, there are some people who are against the idea.
Some argue that drivers could get easily distracted resulting in collisions.
The technology is still new so it’s hard to tell whether it’s going to be successful or not however we are definitely excited about it.
Brain powered vehicles could change the game completely.
It isn’t clear when the technology will make it onto our roads but when it does we are sure it will be well talked about in the industry.
For now let’s focus our attention on driverless cars and once that technology is mastered we can start thinking about mind-controlled vehicles.