Audi to Cut Costs in Wake of Dieselgate

The Future of Audi: Brand to Cut Costs in Wake of Dieselgate

It’s been a year since the news of the Dieselgate scandal first broke, shocking the whole automotive industry in the process. Although most of the focus has been on Volkswagen, news is now emerging of how the scandal has affected other brands.

Audi has just revealed that it has been forced to dramatically cut costs, due to the fallout caused by the scandal, which could potentially lead to the brand having to make some serious sacrifices in the near future.

We don’t know exactly what the brand is planning to do at this point; however, it has been suggested that Audi might be forced to stop developing its own platforms for future cars. Instead the brand will likely have to rely by platforms engineered elsewhere.

This is truly shocking news, as the brand has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. The news further proves just how devastating the Volkswagen scandal has been on the entire industry.

With Volkswagen still dealing with the consequences of its actions, it likely will be a while before things get back to normal. Some are wondering whether things actually will ever improve for the brand, or if the scandal will prove too much to handle.

It will be very interesting to see how Audi deals with the issue and how it approaches the development of its future cars. Considering the brand’s cars are in high demand at the moment, perhaps it isn’t too late for Audi to turn things around and get back on track.

The next couple of years will be interesting to witness, as it’s expected it will take Volkswagen at least another few years to get over the whole scandal. What awaits the brand on the other side remains to be seen.

Hopefully Audi will eventually find a way to get back on track. All we can do for now is wait and see how the story develops.

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